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Windows Server Certification Paths

December 10, 2012 Leave a comment


I just saw this on the Microsoft Born To Learn website and had to share it.
It’s a great infographic showing where you need to start, or how you can upgrade your knowledge and certification to Windows Server 2012. Enjoy!

Windows Server Certification and Career Paths


Office 365 & Yorkshire IT User Group

What do they have in common?

Well, last week we hosted a Yorkshire IT User Group meeting at York University for Yorkshire and Humber IT folk. This time it was hosted by Marcus Robinson of MR_ICT and David Brown from AVNET.

The topic of conversation this week was licencing. Not everyone’s cup of tea you might think, but a very valuable session as we all need to know about how to buy and licence our software.

David and Marcus expertly guided us through the differences between FPP->OEM->SPLA licences and more. Of interest to me is how building a cloud based service won’t cost as much up front as I had thought due to the way that SPLA licences are billed per subscriber per month, thus making entry costs quite low for a would-be cloud service provider.

Also, the other key topic was on Office 365, and how that gets sold in its various packages. It inspired me. So much so, that the very next day, I got signed up through my MS Partner account to become a cloud partner so I can advise and sell these solutions to my customers. So now I can provide 365 and Windows Intune solutions. If you haven’t yet seen Intune or 365, both have evals you can sign up for. See me for details!


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