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*Free* Learning Resources


I get a lot of questions in my job as an MCT about recommending resources to people who want to either study for exams, or just further their understanding about new technologies. Just today a friend of mine in the US wanted to know about some resources he could use to help prepare him for his upcoming Windows 7 exam.

It got me thinking. Sometimes it’s great to go on a 5 day course (well I would say that, I teach ‘em!). Without doubt, you get unrivalled knowledge from a super qualified Microsoft approved instructor who is typically a top bod in their field on the chosen subject.

However, that doesn’t always fit for some folks due to time and monetary constraints. Let me point you folks to four (thanks ‏@Shih_Wei for the correction!) super cool resources you may not know, and will allow you to learn in your own time, at your own pace, sat in your comfy armchair at home.

1) Free E-Books. Check out these titles from MS Press that you can download and read offline for nowt!

2) Springboard. For all things Windows, you just can’t beat it. There are tutorials, articles, videos, walkthroughs and much, much more. IT Pro’s should know this and have it bookmarked in their browser for sure. http://www.microsoft.com/springboard Check it out!

My personal favourite up there now is the Windows 8 jumpstart event. A whole day of recorded video content on the coolest OS from Microsoft yet. http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/jj687764

3) MVA. If you’re not already using it, go give it a visit, it’s the Microsoft Virtual Academy. Some superb content on all kinds of topics from developer content to Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 and more. Check your stats out against your friends, your country and the world with the self-assessments on there too! You may even see some of the content I wrote too.

4) 90 Days to MCSA. The push to get certified in 90 days to attain MCSA – with a little help from your friends at Microsoft Learning. Great video and other resources to help you study and achieve your goals. Join in the fun!

Well, if you get through that lot, let me know and I’ll fix you up on one of my courses too!

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