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MDOP 2012 now available – introducing new feature – UE-V

MDOP has always been an excellent compliment to managing Windows in the corporate environment.

Now MDOP comes with a new technology that I think is well worth a look; UE-V. Yes, I know, another acronym for us, but I think it’s pretty cool. UE-V stands for User Environment Virtualization. Essentially this tackles the age-old problems of roaming profiles, RDS session profiles, folder redirection and all the fun that goes with owning different settings across these. Now, users can have application and operating system settings monitored by the UE-V agent, and their settings centrally stored.

When users move between Windows computers, and even VDI sessions (which is pretty neat!), their settings follow them to the PC or session. It’s fully integrated with Group Policy for management and administrators can manage what applications the templates look for on the systems with the UE-V Generator.

The apps managed by UE-V include locally installed apps, App-V deployed apps, and RemoteApp apps with RDS services.

UE-V Agent Architectural Diagram

UE-V landing page on Springboard

Watch the overview video

To find out more about MDOP, check out the following links:

MDOP landing page on Springboard

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