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NetBook finally free’s me up

So I finally decided to get a Netbook.
After spending a good deal of money not too long back on an all-singing and dancing 17" laptop with Blu-Ray and 4GB RAM etc, I now find I can’t use it.
Is it because it’s too slow? No.
Is it becuase it’s too big to carry in the bag to work? No, (well it is *quite* big)
Is it because the kids always monopolise *my* laptop to the point now where I never actually get to use it myself?….
What do you think?!!
I’m all for the kids being into IT and getting into the web, but this has put a dent in dad’s surftime, and working at home.
Solution: Samsung NC10 netbook for £200.
Cheap and cheerfull, but, hey, these are great little Netbooks.
First job was of course to ditch WinXP in favour of Windows 7 Ultimate (well someone like me can’t be seen with such old tech, and my street cred would not be good in my Windows 7 classes like this week!)
This is not as straight-forward as it sounds as there’s no DVD drive of course, but MagicISO mounting a virtual DVD drive lets you open an ISO and install direct from it from the HDD. Simples 🙂
Office 2010 RTM on there, and hey, we’re up and running.
So, there should be more blogging from me from now on!
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