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thinking of taking the 640 AD exam?

think again, leave it a bit, then a bit longer.
see if prometric/MS can actually make this work!
see the following from the Born To Learn blog:
The idea of using a virtual lab machine to connect to in order to run simulations in exams is not a new concept, but new for microsoft exams.
a few years back we had some 2003 exams with limited functionality ‘servers’ in to go in and administer in exams, but actually connecting to live servers and using the full GUI is a neat idea.
…if you can acttually connect.
I recently taught a class of 8 the 2008 AD course 6425, which is a great course, only to be let down by the fact the students got turned away from the test centre after the course, as only 1 of them managed to get a connection to a VM.
Seeing people sat in an exam room, with the clock ticking, unable to connect to the servers they were supposed to be administering was a traversty.
Making them come back, to only have 2 successfully take the exam second time round, and again, some not able to connect is unforgiving, when the same group had been through the mill the week before.
to add insult to injury, the 2 that got to the end of the test didn’t get to find out their score, as that didn’t show up a the end!!
really, I ask you??!?
so for now, monitor the BTL site for changes, but keep your head in the books for the time being, and maybe do some Win7 or other 2008 exams while the second shot offer is still on!
it runs out at the end of next month, so hurry and book in now, no really, now!
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