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OK, now I’m worried…..

So, there’s a lot going on right now in the world of the cloud.
I like the idea, but it has me slightly scared.
Microsoft opened their $500 Million Dublin datacentre in September to service users from EMEA for online services such as Hosted Exchange.
I in fact have a mailbox hosted there myself.
So what?
Well, if the trend is going to be to have data/services hosted outside the organisation in the cloud, there may be better availability, backups, enterprise-class storage etc than the company is going to be able to afford on their own. Where does that leave me?
Do we now only need a handfull of datacentre operatives to monitor servers and change dead hard drives, instead of on-site IT professionals?
As someone who trains those people, do I now do myself out of a job if I train these datacentre guys?
Right that’s it! that’s the self-preservation option. I hereby place a ban on training datacentre techs. These guys are going to kill my career!! 🙂
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