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Back from TechEd

What a week. Freshly back from TechEd in Berlin this weekend.
Really enjoyed all the conference had to offer. Some great sessions on R2, Exchange 2010 and Windows 7 to mention a few.
The theme this year was the ‘new efficiency’ featuring productivity features with new stuff in R2, Outlook/exchange 2010 and more.
Ask me more about these on my courses over the next few monthsn as I shall be doing lots of talks and demos on these very things.
Another great takeaway this year was IPV6. "Arrghhh" you’re probably thinking, but it not as bad as it looks! Should be with us in the next year or so even more.
Of course, Win 2008 and Vista onwards have had it installed by default, so you may already be using it now, but the rest of the world needs to catch up 😉
I even managed to squeeze in an exam before I left before hopping back on the plane home, so that’s me MCTS on Exchange 2010. Thanks to Scott Schnoll for all his tips. Ask me more about Exchange 2007/2010 certification for a leg up on some of the new courses & exams.
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