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Message Size Limits? where? and where?

One area of confusion for administrators I have found so far has been ‘where do I set message size limits?’ in Exchange 2007.
Well, its not easy/obvious at first.
For RTM, its a bit different to SP1 too, partly due to changes in the console.
There are actually several places to do this, from organisation settings, to send or receive connectors, to mailbox level.
Other less obvious places are also the global settings (via ADSIEDIT) which affect mixed version organisations, and AD site link parameters.
Some common shell commands used to set these include (using 15MB as an eg):
set-transportconfig -maxreceivesize 15MB -maxsendsize 15MB
(yes we can specify MB values at the shell now, same idea applies to mailbox/database limits BTW)

set-receiveconnector ‘name of connector here’ -maxmessagesize 15MB

set-mailbox -id ‘chris’ -maxsendsize 15MB -maxreceivesize 15MB

Bharat Suneja has posted an excellent article here about this in more detail, which is far better info than all the relevant technet/online help I’ve found put together!
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